News and Events

Regional Training Course – Saturday 30 January 12h00 – 16h00

A fun, four hour, London based course – an excellent chance to learn some cool stuff and train with jitsuka from all over London.  The mighty Jim Bass will be taking this one. Jim is one of the Jiu Jitsu Foundation’s Third Dans, who also just happens to be an expert Muai Thai fighter!  Jim’s  sessions therefore often concentrate on using jiu jitsu to defend against more experienced and skilled attackers.  He usually teaches down south so his presence in London is an opportunity not to be missed!

From 12:00 – 16:00 at London Nautical School, 61 Stamford Street SE1 9NA (entrance on Hatfields).

Jiu Jitsu Foundation Randori Nationals 27th and 28th February

Jiu jitsu roadtrip! A whole weekend of Jiu Jitsu taking place in Northhampton. The Randori nationals concentrate on the groundfighting and judo-based element of our martial art. An excellent chance to train, compete and party with clubs from all over the UK.  Check here for more details and have a chat with Sade or Emily if you’re interested in coming along.

London Regional Pre- Grading – Sat 5 March

Those who wish to grade to their next belt must attend this preparatory session.  Venue: London Nautical School, SE1 9NA, times tbc.

London Regional Grading – Sat 19th March

Those who have been invited to grade are put to the test for their next belt.


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